Narimya was incorporated in Ontario in 2007 for the purpose of distributing excellent medical (skin care) products from Switzerland.


Founders are veterans of the pharmaceutical and financial industry with extensive backgrounds at the retail level and in wholesale distribution.


Dr. Charles Piwko, the founder, President and CEO of Narimya Pharmaceuticals Inc., holds a PhD in Pharmacology (ETH Zurich), a PharmD (ETH Zurich) and an MSc in Health Administration (Health Economics, University of Toronto).  Since arriving in Canada, Dr. Piwko has been developing his distribution business while concurrently providing pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies with high-quality consulting services in the areas of health outcomes, economics, and market access research.  In this capacity, Dr. Piwko is now a principal in CHP Pharma Inc.  Most important, Dr. Piwko has gained important “Canadian” retail pharmaceutical market experience and is now exceptionally well-positioned to build a successful business for “medical products” in Canada.


Prior to coming to Canada, Dr. Piwko held a senior position with ”Pharmacy 12” a large retail pharmacy in Zurich, where he gained experience with OTCs and prescription drugs.  During this time he go to know  great “Swiss made” medical products.  While in Switzerland, he also worked in the Department of Preclinical CNS-Pharmacology at Sandoz (Novartis) Pharma AG in Basel, Switzerland in association with the ETHZ.


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